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Four Former Squires Become Sir Knights

By SK Patrick Fletcher, PFN Father Abram J. Ryan Assembly 1087

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

Four Squires Exemplified 2019 09 07 Dsc04116

On September 7, 2019, SK Pat Conway, the Master of the Third Texas District, exemplified 72 candidates, who joined the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Wylie, Texas. Four of the candidates shared an unusual and unique journey: all four new Sir Knights were originally Columbian Squires of the Deacon Pete Martinez Columbian Squires Circle 5279 based at St. Anthony Catholic Church and remained in good standing in Circle 5279 until they aged out of the Columbian Squires after they turned 18 years old. All four new Sir Knights are also members of St. Anthony Council 12300, which sponsors Circle 5279, and had the opportunity to experience the Fourth Degree Exemplification together at their home parish.

The photo provided by SK Patrick Fletcher features the four new Sir Knights with their fathers and the District Master: Left to right are new SK Robert Finley (Circle 5279 Charter Chief Squire), SK Bryan Finley (Council 12300 Grand Knight and Circle 5279 Charter Chief Counselor), SK Patrick Fletcher (Assembly 1087 PFN and Former Circle 5279 Chief Counselor), new SK and Dallas Diocesan Seminarian Kyle Fletcher (Circle 5279 Past Chief Squire, Squire of the Body of Christ, and Past Texas State Sentry Squire), SK Pat Conway (Third Texas District Master, FDD, Council 12300 PGK, and PFN), new SK Matthew Savage (Circle 5279 Charter Squire), new SK George Moslener IV, SK David Savage (Council 12300 PGK and current Financial Secretary), and SK George Moslener III (Council 12300 Lecturer).

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