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The Gift of Knighthood

By By Tony Fontanelli, Council Growth Director

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

Tony Fontanelli

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons our thoughts naturally turn to giving thanks for all that we have and to sharing our bountiful blessings with the less fortunate. Traditionally, we think of gifts of money or meals, or donations of our time and treasure.

One thing we do not often think about sharing at this busy time of year is our membership and participation in the wonderful Fraternal Order of the Knights of Columbus. By offering a Catholic Man the opportunity to join our Order or by offering a Parish without a Knights of Columbus presence the opportunity to have a Knights of Columbus Council, we present these men and these parishes with one of the greatest gifts we could possibly offer them.

Membership in the Order provides a Catholic Man with all of the fraternal benefits of the Order as well as the opportunity for his family to share in the plentiful Council, Youth, and Family Activities sponsored by the Knights. The New Member is also provided with an outlet through which he can grow spiritually and individually through his participation in the Faith in Action initiatives of the Order. Bringing a New Council to a Parish or Reactivating a Council at a Parish provides the Pastor and all of the Parishioners of that Parish with the spiritual and manpower support so necessary to grow the programs of the Catholic Church and to help create a vibrant Parish Community.

Another area where we can grow the Order and implant the Gift of Knighthood is on our College Campuses. If we can continue to grow and nurture our College Councils by bringing more young Catholic Men into the Order at these Councils, we can accomplish two very important objectives. We will be keeping these young men in the Faith by strengthening their spirituality and involvement with their Catholic Religion, and we will also be training the Leaders of the Future for the Order. Involving as many young College Catholic Men in a College Council benefits not only these young men by providing them with the Gift of Knighthood and all of the benefits that go with it, but it also benefits the Order by providing us with young, vibrant, involved leaders to take the Knights of Columbus into the next millennia.

Your assistance in recruiting new members into the Order and helping to establish New or Reactivated Councils at Parishes or on College campuses that do not currently have a Knights of Columbus presence is a gift we can all give that will last long beyond our lifetimes but will guarantee the success of the Knights of Columbus for years to come.

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