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Message From the State Deputy

By T. Mark Evans, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Brother Knights, gracious Ladies, and Families and Friends:

It seems like just a short time ago the Knights of Columbus was inviting all good Catholic men to join our Order for an “Experience of a Lifetime”. And boy, what an experience it has been for us the last couple of years! It also seems like just last year, I was saying to myself “things can’t go on like this”, and sure enough, they didn’t… they got crazier. So, in my capacity as State Deputy, my first order of business is to always thank each one of you for all that you do for the Order and the State of Texas, for your dioceses, parish communities, civic communities, districts, and councils. The “thank you” list is a long one but let me assure you the appreciation is heartfelt. We have together, experienced many changes in our program focus, our marketing focus, our membership focus, our training focus, our communications focus, and our exemplification focus. Yet, the core message remains - in service to one, in service to all. And we continued and are continuing to “Let your light Shine” amidst the changes, the pandemic, and the awkward social distancing. So, I thank you, Brothers and Families. We are showing everyone that we are indeed Texas Strong!

As we have recently experienced, the journey of Knighthood calls for real resiliency and a high tolerance for change. Like it or not, we have entered the digital age. And though we may use the word “virtual” a bit more now, the folks we are calling virtual are quite real. As we embrace the new ways of doing things, it remains essential to study and remember the past because that is what gave rise to the new. The focus now is Faith in Action, a most excellent title that sets the tone for the mission of a Knight. We do many things well, we make them better, and with changes, we adapt. Our actions can and must reflect our faith, which in turn will draw others to join us. Ultimately, we need to do what we say we are going to do, and then try to do it a little better than we said we would. That means we never give up and we keep going and growing, even when we are preparing to start all over again.

We started on this current journey with the motto of “ Let your light Shine” and the image was a lighthouse. To the mariner, the sight of the light allowed him to adjust his bearings. The mariner couldn’t change the direction of the wind, but he could adjust his sails to allow him to reach his destination. As leaders, as committed Catholic gentlemen, we can provide the light of faith to those looking for the light. Our program actions, our charities, our provisions for our families, and our care for one another is a valuable commodity in a confused and bewildered society. So be proud and happy to be the light to others.

Now that the finish line is in sight, like your favorite coach, I’m shouting “Be strong to the finish!” Press that digital gear and get those prospective candidates to online exemplifications or e-membership. Through our Charities, support those brothers and families who may be in dire need. Reach out to fellow Knights of your councils and leave no one behind wondering where his brothers might be. Be there for your Bishops and priests. Pay attention to the workings of your council. Who knows, you may now be the technology guru of your council. Try new ways of doing business and learn to communicate in new ways. And most importantly pray.Pray for yourself, for your family, your friends, your Brother Knights, and our State Council. Be strong, finish strong, and may God Bless you!

Vivat Jesus!!

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