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A KofC Nurse Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Joel J Clemente, 3rd degree knight St. Gabriel the Archangel Council No. 12153

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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In this unprecendented, uncertain and trying times, taking care of covid-19 patients was truly a big challenge for all of us frontliners.

As a registered nurse (RN) for 29 years and a KofC Knight for 12 years, the current pandemic has impacted me both my family and profession to go above and beyond the call of duty.

While other professions can stay home and do their work, mine and my fellow healthcare workers cannot. Whether we like it or not, we have to go to the hospital and give our utmost and prudent nursing care, services and treatment to the patients regardless of color, race and socio-economic status.

It’s kind of scary, alarming and mind boggling because the pandemic is an unseen enemy. Anytime and anywhere, we can be positive for the virus since we are very vulnerable. Just imagine working for 12 hours three times a week with all the complete personal protective equipments to covid 19 patients particularly to the very sick population with ventilators, endotracheal tubes and severe cardiovascular and respiratory compromise.

In fact, we can even be carriers and pass it on to our families. That’s why we have to practice all the precautionary measures at all times in order not to acquire the virus and share it with other people.

Moreover, it is my fervent hope and prayers and I believe my fellow frontliners will agree that - God will continue to shower us with healthy mind and body, and strong immune system so we can continue to serve our fellowmen in all situations because if we get sick who will take care of them.

For our patients and their loved ones, we always pray for them as we become their second family. Advocating and asserting for them especially during their most difficult moments away from their family.

Again as a KofC Knight and an RN by profession, making a difference in the people I served is my way of making our world a better place to live - whether through prayers, community service and being a role model and a man for others.

Lastly, for everyone in the community - let us continue to pray for healing and recovery especially for the covid 19 victims and the entire world. For the eternal repose of the faithful departed brought about by the pandemic. Likewise, for our frontliners all over the world who can’t stay home, serving humanity no matter what.

Note: The writer Joel J Clemente, RN, MN is a clinical nurse at Kindred Hospital Dallas Central, Dallas, TX. He is also a Hospitality Minister and 3rd degree member of KofC St. Gabriel the Archangel Council No. 12153 in Mckinney, TX. He is a freelance writer and in July 2017, his first book entitled “The Story of a Prudent Nurse” were published, IUniverse Inc.

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