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Council 10258 Answers the Call to Help a St. Stanislaus Parishioner

By Alan Zimmel Council 10258 St Stanislaus Parish, Bandera

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Late May 2020 thunderstorms brought much needed rain to the local community, but they also brought some high winds that downed trees. One such tree fell in the yard of a St. Stanislaus lady parishioner who asked the Knights of Columbus for help in cleaning up the debris .In no time at all Grand Knight Brian Dennis assembled a group of Knights from Council 10258, and working together, they made short order of cleaning up the fallen tree. The work detail gathered on the morning of 23 May and consisted of Grand Knight Brian Dennis, Darrell Bay, John Fassl, Mike Lloyd, Mike Tarr, and Alan Zimmel.

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