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Spring Council 10872 Burrito Breakfasts

By Terry Keane Grand Knight

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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Father Joseph Plummer Council 10872 of Christ the good Shepherd Catholic Community in Spring, TX has a profitable and safe way to modify its traditional pancake breakfasts.We are cooking, assembling, and selling breakfast burritos to go every three weeks on Saturday mornings at our parish.

With the first three sales we have netted around $2500.The money is being used to fund the charities to which we normally contribute, including annuities for our Pastor, Father James, and our Parochial Vicar, Father Innocent.

The individually wrapped burritos contain eggs, cheese, potatoes, and a choice of bacon, sausage, brisket, or meatless.The burritos are prepared and sold with a minimum number of volunteers while maintaining social distancing and all other parish and archdiocesan health and safety protocols.The food is sold outside one of the doors of our social hall.All sales are to go.

This activity affords us an opportunity for fraternal in-person interaction with a small group of our brothers.It also allows us to provide a service and exchange words of encouragement and blessing with other parishioners.Thank you, Father James, for your guidance in this endeavor.

Our Council has also recently completed another round of Brother-to-Brother calls.A group of 12-15 Brother Knights have now made telephone contact with each of the approximately 300 members of our Council for the third time since the start of the pandemic.We check on the well-being of each brother and his family.We offer assistance spiritually and materially if needed.The calls are always warmly received.

God bless the Brothers of Council 10872 for unity, charity, and fraternity during these challenging times.

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