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Works of Charity

By Isabel De Leon

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


I Isabel De Leon of the Knights of Columbus council #3458 and also in the

Blessed Mother Assembly #2088 from San Marcos, Texas 78666 have done

works of charity in donation funds to the following;

4-10 St. John Catholic Church $120.00

4-10 St. Vincent de Paul $175.00

5-18 Hays County Food Bank $175.00

Heart of the Nation $75.00 for Sunday masses

5-15 Donations of $500.00

8-3 Ranger Rosary for the Men and Women in the United States Military


I have also been making RANGER ROSARIES to help our Military Men and

Women to pray the Rosary. I hope this will help on your articles of the Texas


Thank You and may our Lord Bless You

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