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Annual State Deputy Charity Appeal

By Alfredo Vela, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

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Brother Knights, Ladies, and Friends of the Texas State Council:

The challenges of today gives us the opportunity to put into practice the first principle of the Knights of Columbus, Charity. Charity is one of the main principles that define us.

Every challenge brings a new opportunity. The opportunities are endless. First of all, we are asking every council to contribute to Texas State Charities at a rate of $10 per member. Out of every dollar contributed to Texas State Charities, 70% goes back to your Bishop for his designated Charity. All of our Bishops, and their operations, need our help. The requests made to Bishops at each of our Dioceses are many. We can, and do, help by donating on your behalf the monies that are received. Each and every Bishop appreciates the contribution they receive from your Texas State Charities.

The other 30% is used by Texas State Charities for some administrative costs and other donations. What kind of donations might you ask? Let’s look at 2020.We started the year with the pandemic and then were hit with a hurricane, Hurricane Laura. If you have never had a need for a disaster relief, consider yourself blessed, but there are some that do need our help. That is where we, all of us, as Texas State Charities try to help. But it does not end there.

With the monies donated, we contribute to Special Olympics, Catholic Archives, Frontline Faith, Disaster Relief and other requested charitable donations. We try to help as many people as we can afford.

While we do accomplish many acts of charity and make a difference through Texas State Charities, we cannot do it without your help. Every contribution, every program and the success of the Texas Knights of Columbus is dependent on you, the members at the local level. We are asking that you strongly consider a contribution to Texas State Charities. We need your help. Please, find it in your hearts and send in a donation to State Charities. It will be greatly appreciated.

Vivat Jesus


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