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Council 3910 Finds Many Way to Serve

By Troy Webb, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


1.Our Council restarted our first Friday fish fries in September shifting to a COVID-19 safe drive-through approach. On Oct 2nd, we sold “to go” plates. The parish has really helped in supporting our fund raising and in enjoying some really good food. Our Knights have learned a lot about re-organizing our regular fish fries to quickly provide “to go via drive thru” plates of freshly fried fish with condiments and a selection of side orders. Our customers were glad to get out of the house to experience some community, even if waiting in a long line of cars and everyone wearing a mask.

2.Our Council sponsored a Living Rosary at our parish school. Held outdoors on Oct 7th. We asked for the event to be on the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. We provided 250 Rosary Pamphlets. The parish pro-life committee provided Rosaries. The students formed a huge Rosary on the soccer field. This is our 2nd time to sponsor this event.

3.Our Council and parish volunteered for the “40 Days for Life” pray vigil on Columbus Day, Oct 12th. Despite COVID isolations and other restrictions, we had a good turnout of over 20 Knights, KC family members and parishioners to pray for women and their babies outside the large Planned Parenthood facility in Houston starting at 6 am. We ended the day with a small group praying the Rosary for all the workers as they were leaving. A few workers smiled or waved.

4.Our Council assisted our parish school by providing and delivering 400 hamburgers for the “Trunk or Treat” family drive through fundraiser on Oct 24th. Because of COVID, the normal Octoberfest fund raiser could not be held. Instead, the school continued with their raffle and organized an appropriate Halloween event to allow families to have fun and stay socially distanced. The Knights provided hamburger meals in a to-go line for families as they were leaving the event.

5.During October, our Council provided USCCB documents to our membership as encouragement for informed voting for Catholics in the November elections. The USCCB documents regarded Forming ConsciencePro-Life issues. We were encouraged with our pastor involved as he distributed his two Letters in our parish bulletins and one homily (thus far).

6. Even with covid-19 Knights safely maintained our dedication to our Vietnamese Dominican sisters at St. Catherine's Convent. The 10 acres of grass and trees has been “kept” by 3910 KNIGHTS for over a decade. The grounds maintenance has grown beyond Br. Irvin Schueler’s initial vision into servicing three convents in the greater Houston area by Knights of Columbus. Late spring thru September and October found KC’S still Mowing, pruning, hauling off trimmings and debris regularly to the dump. New equipment was donated to help EricRoeder’s team on the grounds and Br. Troy Webb found new owners for several tons of construction materials left over from New construction of aChapel and library within the dorms. Several Knights delivered pallets of bricks to the facility in NW Houston.

7.Several Knights delivered furniture furnished by the St. Vincent de Paul society in September to a needy family of course maintaining social distancing and masks to protect them as well as the recipients.

A big thank you to Fr Clark, our Pastor…. None of this could have happened without his support for our Council and our parish school. Below are pictures of St. Catherine's Convent in SW Houston

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