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Council 7736 Assists Widow

By Bill Tillotson, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

20200905 100638

A member of Mansfield Council 7736, Tim Henz, was driving by the house of the widow of one of our council’s former members, SK Don Hanrahan. Tim noticed the eaves were rotting out and sections of the house needed paint. Tim contact the widow, Sue Hanrahan, and she admitted the house needed work but she didn’t have the money to pay someone to do it.

Tim brought this issue to the council. We have no greater calling than the care of our widows, so the council jumped into action. First, members went by the house and assessed what needed to be done. Then, the council paid for all materials needed to perform the work. Next, on a warm Saturday morning, the men tuned out to perform the needed repairs. Some basic carpentry and painting was all that needed to be done, but it was greatly appreciated by the widow of SK Hanrahan.

This project aided a widow of the council while giving the men a chance to build fraternity their shared labor. This is just the type of thing Father McGivney would have wanted to see us doing.

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