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Fr. Emil Gerlich Council 10930 – Flu Shots

By Larry F Loftus Financial Secretary Council 10930

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Flu Shots

Council 10930 in Fort Worth sponsored flu shots to the members of St. Thomas the Apostle Church parish on October 14, 2020.Over 139 men, women and children received the free flu shots.This program has been conducted and sponsored by the KofC council annually for over 10 years.This year was more challenging due to the Covid-19.We made sure all members assisting, doctors staff, and all receiving flu shots wore masks.Council members made certain safe distance was maintained, tables and chairs and pens were sanitized after each use and only a limited number of persons were admitted to the room where shots were administered.

The council had 12 members assisting and 6 medical staff was provided by the doctor in charge. The flu shots were provided free by the medical doctor who is also a member of Council 10930.

Certificates of Appreciation were provided by the Council to the medical staff.Due to the Covid 19 it is very important that people receive the flu shot this year.

Flu Shot Program

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