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St Pius X Knights of Columbus

By SK Donald Ray Lara Knights of Columbus St. Pius X 15017

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

St Pius X Knights of Columbus council 15017 has a long-standing tradition of volunteer and charitable contributions to the church, school, and community in the tradition the Knights of Columbus and their long-standing commitment. Fish fry events and pancake breakfasts, raffles and booths at the yearly “Bazaar”; these are just a few ways the council generate funds to support the foundation of St. Pius the X church and school. The Knights of St Pius the X also have a strong visible present in the “Right to Life” movement in the El Paso, Texas area, resulting in multiple “ACE Wings recipients. During the pandemic the council has incorporated new methods to maintain council meeting and activities, this includes a new website “kofc15017elp.com”. This website allows for council members to stay in contact and the site also provides link to Supreme and Texas websites and the information they provide. The Knights at St. Pius X are committed to the Catholic way of life and the same duties put forth by Father Michael J. McGivney, our beloved founder.

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