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Star Council Awards

By Reed Fontenot, Star Council Award Director

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

Reed Fontenot

Brothers, it is hard to believe that 1/3 of the year has now been completed! Now let’s recap where we are with Star Council Requirements to date.

We have 712 active councils in Texas (815 total to include suspensions).

  • Form 185 – we have received 755 or 92.6%.Very good!We are only missing 60 forms now!
  • Form 365 – we have received 581 or 71.3%.Great start but we need to get the rest of the forms in so Supreme can send notifications for Safe Environment training.This number includes suspended councils, so the real number is around 130 forms from active councils we still need submitted.

An overall observation is that we are doing well with form submissions in comparison to other jurisdictions.Some councils have not had in-person or virtual meetings since March due to the pandemic.Your first point of contact for every council should be your District Deputy.

Safe Environment training is on-going.The Star Council Awards tracker is now being sent to all District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries twice a month.Detailed information on the status of your Director positions is listed.In some cases, knights are being removed from their Director positions for not completing the required three-hour training within 30 days.At that point a new form 365 must be submitted online with the appointed Knight.Please act quickly when notified by Supreme to start this training.

Our eight Texas General Agents have put together two Statewide Fraternal Benefit Nights which were held on September 26 and October 28.These were excellent programs with two dynamic speakers.The General Agents plan to hold two more events in the Spring.For councils to receive credit it is / was important that Brother Knights complete the survey at the conclusion.I am pleased to report that approximately 250 councils will receive credit for a Fraternal Benefits event and, in some cases, two events for attending both nights.I expect this to be reflected on the Star Tracker report later this Fall.Please ensure you promote Fraternal Benefit Nights in your own council / district / diocese with your K of C Insurance Agent.

Finally, membership and programs are a critical part of earning Star Council.Please assess your progress and adjust your strategies as needed to accomplish your goals.

Our team would we honored to assist you so please feel free to reach out to any member of the Star Council Awards team.You can find our contact information in the Star Guide at tkofc.org.

Let’s get this done!

Vivat Jesus!

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