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Supreme Per Capita

By Boyd Burris, State Warden

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

This Coronavirus thing is really messing all of us up.We are dealing with Mass schedules, to meetings, to fundraising events.I hope everyone is being safe and following the directions of our Bishops and community leaders.I know everyone is doing their best

As you know, the Supreme Per Capita has been suspended, for this fraternal year.Now, that doesn’t mean that the Supreme Per Capita from last fraternal year was.Councils are still responsible for their Supreme Per Capita for 2019-2020.

State Per Capita has not been suspended.State Per Capita is due March 1, 2021.State Per Capita must be current for a Council to be eligible for any awards, participation in State events like the State Convention, Free Throw Competition, educational grants, to name a few.The $8.00 assessment per member is used to run the State Office.Texas is one of the few jurisdictions that has an office with employees to keep track of forms and the finances of the State.This fee should be included in the dues, along with the Supreme fees.

If dues are $28.00, minimum, all per capita fees and State Charity is covered.A $20.00 donation for a charity pin takes care of two members.Without the State Charity support, the Bishops can’t fund their designated ministry.The funds that are sent to the State Office, 70% goes directly to your Bishop.100% of the dollars over the Diocesan goal, also goes to your Bishop.The remaining 30% helps with emergency relief, educational grants, and Special Olympics.

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