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Texas State Council Charity

By Derek W. Rabey State Council Charities, Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Charity binds together everything in perfect harmony. As stated by St. Vincent de Paul, “Charity is the cement which binds communities to God and persons to one another.”

As we enter the seasons of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, need across the globe as well as right here in this great state, is greater than in any year in recent history.As members of the world’s largest fraternal organization, it is time for each of us to answer the call of our first and foremost principle, Charity.

This call can be answered in many ways.One way this call can be answered is through a financial contribution to one or more of the State Council Charities.A gift could be made toward your Council’s State Council Charity Goal.Such a funds not only supports the charitable efforts of your Bishop and their designated charity, it also supports the State Council’s charitable efforts with Special Olympics Texas, the Christopher Fund, Emergency Response, and many other needs presented to the State Charity Board. When given to the Bishop Thomas J. Flanagan Fund directly supports grants provided to retired priests in each diocese.A donation to the our 1st Lady’s Project, the Cardinal Medeiros Fund, supports the educational grants for Catholic Schools as well as those for individual students seeking higher education. An additional way contributed funds make an impact is toward the American Wheelchair Mission which can aid in providing mobility to an immobile person here in Texas and around the world.

In addition to gifts of money, Brother Knights can contribute their time and their talents to their own parish or various organizations in need of support.Spend some time at the local food bank preparing items for distributions to those in need. Put together a work detail for a project on the parish grounds or for someone in need.Pull together a group of council members and commit to making calls, throughout the holidays, to other council members and parishioners letting them know your council is available to support them in the event a need arises.

No matter how you personally chose to answer Charity’s call, make this year the one when you make the commitment to do something which you have not done before.


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