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Final Stretch

By Reed Fontenot, State Star Council Awards Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Reed Fontenot

Brother Knights,

As we now enter the final stretch of the Fraternal Year (four and half months left) it should be everyone’s goal to make Star Council. It is a deliberate process to plan your year to demonstrate your council is one of the best. In the Fall we focused on Form 365 and Safe Environment. Now we need to ensure you have submitted your Form 1728. Do you have the right plans in place to conduct meaningful and impactful programs for your SP-7? Do you have the right plans in place to grow your ranks with new members? Sure, it is a challenge in these current times, but by thinking outside the box working virtually you can get this done. Wouldn’t this be something to brag to your members that in one of the most challenging Fraternal Years in recent memory that you made Star Council?

Every State Officer, Major Director and members of the Star Council Awards team are here to help! You are our customers so reach out to any of us for assistance. Our contact information is just a click away in the Star Guide at tkofc.org.

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