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Program Director's Report

By Pat Henz, State Program Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Pat Henz

My Brother Knights,

It is hard to believe that is has been about a year now when we started to shut down our communities and, worse, our churches. But now we have a vaccine and the numbers are starting to decline. We know how to protect others and ourselves. Best of all, our churches are beginning to open. They are safe. Knights are helping with sanitizing the pews between masses. I pray that you too are able to start returning to church, attend Mass, and receive Holy Communion.

Councils have found ways to adapt to this pandemic and have started to become active. Councils started having meeting and conducting many programs virtually. Programs like “Into the Breach”, Pro Life Rosaries, Silver Rose and Holy Hour, Novena for Life, and many others are being done virtually. Knights stepped up with “Leaving No Neighbor Behind” and “Helping Hands” helping their brother Knights and those in the community who needed help. Although this pandemic hurt us, Councils found ways to do what Knights do best – help others.

The success of any council comes from the success of its programs. Successful programs bring new members. Without these two, a council begins to fail. Don’t let this pandemic keep you down. Get the council active. Get the council involved and invite the parish community to participate in these virtual programs. Give them something to look forward to and a purpose to become a Knight.

As we get ready for the 117th Texas State Convention, we will be announcing the State Program Awards. Councils have been submitting their best programs from the LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY, and COMMUNITY categories. We will also be announcing the FAMILY OF THE YEAR and the CHAPLAIN OF THE YEAR.

Programs will also be one of the many training sessions that will be offered at this year’s convention. More details will be coming out soon on these training opportunities. Remember: Every Program is an opportunity for every Knight to put their Faith in Action and step Into the Breach. The Program Team is here to help answer questions and provide suggestions in order for your council to achieve the ultimate goal – STAR COUNCIL.

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