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Rosa Linda House Build Project in Eagle Pass

By Terry Krysl Financial Secretary Memorial Council 6527

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Kof C 6527 Rosa Linda House Project7

A family in Eagle Pass was in dire need of suitable accommodations for a family of seven, comprised of the two parents and five children. Two members of Council 6527 spearheaded plans and ultimate efforts to replace what was on the small site and build a 1,040 square foot house, with three bedrooms and one bath, very moderate but a big step up for the family. The two Knights members drew up the construction drawings, material needs, project budget, and project schedule. Appeals for volunteers were made to Knights members and St. John Vianney mission team members.

Knights of Columbus Council 6527 made a contribution of $2,500 towards the $45,000 estimated project cost. The two leaders of the project are members of Council 6527, as were several of the project volunteers.

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