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Shield a Badge

By Pat Henz, State Program Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

I am so proud of my Brother Knights across this great State of Texas and their support of our Police, Fire, and First Responders. Several councils continue to adopt officers from their communities and are praying for them daily. With this latest cold spell, officers were assisting motorist injured in accidents or help those with no heat, water, or food find shelter. During these times, councils were praying for all of them and even bringing them food and hot chocolate to help them keep warm while working outside.

May is National Law Enforcement Week. Consider conducting a Blue Mass or some sort of special blessing to show your support to your local law enforcement sometime during May.

If you would like to start a Shield a Badge program in your council, please contact me at pghenz@yahoo.com.This program does qualify for a Community Program and make sure you complete the Fraternal Program Report Form #10784.

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