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Wheelchair Mission Update

By Texas Wheelchair Chairman Bill Weber

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Deacon Gene Kowalski

Below are Wheelchair Mission activities, which I am aware of, since the last article in November.Please let me know what your Councils and Dioceses are doing to support the American Wheelchair Mission, so I can include them in future updates.

Funds were received from November to January, but no Wheelchair Sundays were held.

As of January 31, 2021, 102 Councils, 1 Assembly 1 Chapter have raised $132,314 for 882 wheelchairs. Shown below are the Totals by Diocese and the Top 5 Councils.

With a donation of $150, you can request a Certificate of Thanks that can be personalized “In the Name of” or “In Loving Memory of” a loved one that includes a picture of a wheelchair recipient.With a donation of $500, you can request a framed Our Lady of Guadalupe 34” x 23” digital print that has been blessed at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And if a Council raises or donates at least $1,500 for 10 wheelchairs, it counts 2 points towards earning the Columbian Award.

The goal for each Diocese this fraternal year is 100% participation of the Councils (donate at least $150 for one wheelchair) and 10% of the active Councils within a Diocese to hold a Wheelchair Sunday.For example, if a Diocese has 30 active Councils, their goal would be to raise $4,500 from 100% participation plus the funds from 3 Wheelchair Sundays. If you don’t have a Diocesan Wheelchair Chairman, the Diocesan Deputy should assign one to work closely with me to achieve the goals of the Diocese.

Wheelchair Sundays are an effective way to raise funds for this mission and are also a good way to recruit new members.If you help at a Wheelchair Sunday, it counts as an event towards earning your ACE Wings.

Successful Wheelchair Sundays are being held with precautions being taken because of the pandemic. Since numerous parishioners are still not attending mass, it is more important than ever to advertise the Wheelchair Sundays wherever you can. You can use media such as the parish bulletin, parish website, parish monitors, Facebook, Flocknote and Constant Contact. In addition to telling about the drive, let your parishioners know how they can mail a donation or donate online. Whatever tables you have setup, have parishioners take donation forms home with them and not fill them out at the table to stay safe.

Please email me your donation details, but mail checks and donation forms to Dan Moberg, American Wheelchair Mission, 2600 E. Seltice Way, Suite A172, Post Falls, ID 83854-7991.Also, please be sure your Council Number and Diocese are on your checks, so that your donation will be properly credited.For online donations, please visit www.amwheelchair.org/donate and select Knights of Columbus in the Campaign field and enter your Council Number in the Organization field.

Please contact me via email at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or cell at 214-405-8023 if you would like me to talk to your Pastor or have any questions about getting a drive started at your parish or anything else relating to the Wheelchair Mission.Thank you and God bless you Texas Brother Knights.

Pictured is Brother Knight Deacon Gene Kowalski.

Wheelchair Mission

Texas by Diocese


As of January 31,2020









Corpus Christi




El Paso


Fort Worth








San Angelo


San Antonio








Top 5 Councils in State of Texas

1. Prince of Peace 11716 (Plano)


2. St. Mark the Evangelist 6065 (Plano)


3. St. Joseph 8417 (Waxahachie)


4. St. Francis of Assisi 12484 (Lancaster)


5. St. Mark 7613 (San Antonio)


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