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Divine Intervention

By Matthew George, Catholic Action Worldwide

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

I was born at home with assistance from our family physician. I had been healthy all of my life with no surgeries or serious illnesses. My first time to be admitted to a hospital was at 66 years of age. Since then, I have been in hospitals much more often.

My testimony aims to help liver disease patients, and to witness to the miraculous healing that I received. In 2007. I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic Cirrhosis due to Hepatitis C, stage 4 (last stage). Let me share my life experience with you, how fervent prayers and the nature treatment called Ayurveda, widely practiced in India, completely healed me. My Liver specialist, Dr. Rise Stribling, at Baylor Clinic, Houston, exclaimed, “ It may be Divine Intervention”.

The cost of my prescription drugs alone in the U.S. was $ 50,000The sticker price for the new leading wonder drug for Hepatitis C is $ 1,350 per pill! The total cost of my Ayurvedic medicines in India was less than$ 300!

In August 2007, I went for a regular medical checkup. The lab work and subsequent investigations confirmed that I had non-alcoholic Cirrhosis, Stage 4. My Genotype was the most severe type, which would need a transplant. Medical experts say that for 50% of liver patients with my Genotype, medication will not work. A Liver transplant is the only solution. There are numerous liver patients eagerly waiting for liver donors. The transplanted liver can become infected again after some time. Several are dying because they cannot find liver donors.

I received treatment at the Baylor Liver Clinic, Houston, one of the most reputable Liver Clinics in North America. Dr. Rise Stribling is known worldwide for her expertise as a Liver Specialist. My wife Valsa and my brother Kurian and I had a 3-hour meeting with Dr. Stribling. She showed us models of how stages 1,2,3, and 4 would look like. It was a shock for me to see the appearance of my liver.

My treatment consisted of Interferon injections twice a week and oral medications daily. These medications resulted in numerous side effects. I lost 35 pounds and could not take even walk a few steps without becoming tired. My hemoglobin dropped to dangerous levels several times and I had to take injections to bring them back.

Two months after stopping the medication, blood tests were done. My viral count which was normal a month ago was 1.4 million! Valsa did not share the shocking news with me. My Doctor had told Valsa that I would begin daily injection treatment starting in January. I told her that even if I die I won’t do it.

We went to India for a visit in August, 2009. I am a Catholic, and while in India, we visited the tomb of India's first female Saint, St. Alphonsa. We visited several churches and attended a live-in retreat.

Many of the counselors who were part of the Retreat Team claimed to have had the gift of “vision’. My Counselor told Valsa and me that he could see the Precious Blood of Jesus flowing over my liver and I will be healed.

He also told us that he saw my mother praying for me. My mother was a very religious person and worked very closely with Mother Teresa She has visited my home in India to see my father when he was sick. He treasured that visit so much and talked about it often in those few last days before he passed away.

He also told us he was seeing a very tall, white sim Priest, with golden hair praying for me. That has to be Fr. John Weyer, Pastor of my Parish, St. Vincent De Paul in Houston, who passed away in 2008. Many parishioners considered Fr. John, a living Saint. Fr. John and I had a very special relationship. Fr. John nominated me to the Pastoral Council and the Mission Council. He was a member of the Board of Advisors of CATHOLIC ACTION WORLDWIDE, a Ministry,Valsa and I had founded. Fr. John frequently gave us very valuable advice. The Texas Catholic Herald, the Galveston Houston Arch diocesian biweekly published an article about the CATHOLIC ACTION WORLDWIDE after interviewing Fr. John and me.

Fr. John Weyer former Pastor, St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Houston, (1945-2008)

While we were in India, My brother-in-law told me about an Ayurveda Physician named Dr. Padmanabhan, who we were told had healed numerous patients with Cirrhosis. My brother in law urged me to see him. Even though I was born and brought up in India, I had been living in the U.S. for the last 45 years. I did not have much respect for the Ayurveda treatment but agreed to see Dr. Padmanabhan only to please my brother-in-law.

This visit was an eye opener. To my surprise Dr.Padmanabhan appeared very knowledgeable about my condition and the treatment that I had in the U.S. He assured me, “since you had Allopathy treatment in the U.S. for two years, I can heal you in six months.

After returning from India, I met Dr. Stribling. She told me that she would restart the medication and I would have to take Interferon injections daily. I had decided that even if I had to die, I would not go through the previous routine again.

On December 9, 2009, Baylor conducted my complete blood tests. To their surprise and to our total amazement, my viral count was “Undetectable”. Praise the Lord! Since then I had blood tests done by Baylor College of Medicine every three months for one year and then every six months thereafter. Until now, I have not had any recurrent infection! During these visits to Baylor, Doctors could not explain why I was healed without any further treatment. Dr. Stribling told me, “it may be divine intervention!”

My latest lab work was done on November 25, 2019. As usual, everything was normal. The Doctor I saw after my latest lab work told me, “Among all the Baylor liver patients, you are the only person who did not had to come back for treatment!”

Was it Ayurveda, prayer or both together that cured me? As a believer, I lean more towardsfaith filled prayer. Prayer works!

For indeed, neither herb or application cured me, but your all-healing word, O Lord”. (Wisdom 16:12).

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