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We still have four weeks to go!

By Fr. Mark Salas, Associate State Chaplain

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Mark Salas

It has been quite a Year! Fr. McGivney was beatified. We have a new Supreme Knight, Patrick Kelly, whom we congratulate and pledge our prayers, support, and unity. We celebrated and acknowledged so much good work accomplished by you this year in Texas. We still have four weeks to go! Let us resolve to deepen our solidarity with our priests and the disadvantaged. Let us resolve to leave no neighbor behind! Let us keep inviting men to make our Order greater, stronger and better!

Thank you for making blessed McGivney’s 139 year old vision; Texas’ vision! I have been motivated by the stories told about your activities done in response to the pandemic, the hurricanes, the shutdown, the economy, the cold snap, and the list goes on! There is no difficulty that you will not take on! There is no loss where you will not accompany and reach out! There is nothing to keep you from using that difficulty as an opportunity to help, recruit, and insure! Not one excuse—you are all so inspiring! You are an unstoppable force! The more hopeless the situation, the more intense your response! Man, YOU ARE my recruiting story, inspiration and motivation! Keep attracting Husbands and Dads to our Order, share the resilience of being the best during the worst! You are on fire! Inspire others to join us! Faith in Action, Insurance, Spiritual Growth we have it all!

Whatever the future brings, I know that the Church in Texas is in good hands if you Knights are there still ready, open, and motivated!

God bless you; and God bless Texas!Vivat Jesus! Fr. Mark Salas

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