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Assembly 2683 Hosts Officer Installation

By Michael Steinbach - Faithful Navigator 2683

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

July Installation

On Saturday July 24, the LCDR. Joseph T O'Callahan Assembly at St. Ignatius church in Spring, hosted the installation of officers from 7 Northern Region Assemblies.

District Master, SK Kenneth Oradiegwu officiated at the ceremony. Fr. James Burkart, as Faithful Friar, lead the Sir Knights in prayer and blessed the jewels of office. Guests in attendance included officer's wives from Assemblies 1759, 2033, 2285,2683, 3310, and 3435.

In thanking all the knights who participated, SK Michael Steinbach - Navigator of the host Assembly - said "The highlight of the ceremony was seeing the pride on the wife’s faces as they placed the officer's jewels around their spouse's necks."

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