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Council 9997

By Tony Lioi, Recorder STM Council 9997

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Austin Council 9997 of Saint Thomas More (STM) held a charitable drive in July. We recognized there were still many of our brothers and sisters in need, so the Knights of Columbus provided the manpower for the STM Social Outreach Team to collect daily donations from parishioners for the "Celebrating God's Children" drive involving three charities in the area. The following items were donated: Meal kits for “Foundation Communities”, Hope packs for children for “Carrying Hope”, and First aid kits for “St Louise House”.In addition to storing items on campus, Knights also delivered the items to the charities. During the course of a month, ten brother knights contributed over 45 hours of time and effort to complete this project.

The Austin Council 9997 of Saint Thomas More (STM) quickly responded when a request for assistance came in. After her father’s death, the daughter of an esteemed parishioner asked for assistance cleaning out the house of her late father. Cleaning a house full of furnishings is challenging, but when you do it while out of town, it becomes even more difficult. The Knights led the charge while teaming up with ManUp and Men’s Club to clean out the house, backyard, garage and extended workshop, and making multiple trips to Goodwill. The project's contribution to the community took approximately fifty hours of work from eight Knights and seven participating members of the Manup and Men's Club working the different weekends.

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