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Fr. E. Philip O’Hern Council 10776

By Paul Lewis, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Photo 1 Officer Installation June 17 2021

New Officers Installed

The Council installed new officers on Thursday, June 17, for Fraternal Year 2021-22. Our District Deputy, District Warden and Chaplain Fr. Bruce Nieli, CSP officiated. Knights and families celebrated afterwards with a BBQ dinner.

Photo 1 Officer Installation: L-R: District Warden Rudy Gonzales, District Deputy Pat Ortiz, Financial Secretary David King, Past Grand Knight Mark Worman (back), outgoing GK Paul Lewis, Deputy GK George Pratte, new GK Eric Nichols, Recorder Charles Vernor, Chaplain Fr. Bruce Nieli CSP, Treasurer Darrell Pargmann, Trustee Dennis Moraw, and Chancellor Jorge Garcia.

Photo 2 Fr Bruce Nieli With 1992 Tx Knight

History In His Hands

During the Officer Installation ceremony, Chaplain Fr. Bruce Nieli, CSP, recounted some of the highlights of his service with the Knights. In preparing our records for storage, we came across a timely piece of history: the March/April 1992 edition of the Texas Knight, the official publication of the Texas State Council. Fr. Bruce was a two-column feature story on the front page! He was the convention speaker for the 88th annual K of C State Convention to be held in Austin that year. Our Council had been founded just months before, with Fr. Bruce as a charter member. That year also marked the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage and Fr. Bruce was involved in the celebrations. The article stated:
“Father Nieli has been very much a part of the State Council’s Quincentennial Program efforts that includes the Pilgrimages: America segment, the El Camino Real Trail, and the Order’s nationwide effort on the V Centenary Crosses. He spent many hours on the El Camino Real Trail, appearing at various locations for the celebration of the liturgy and special prayer services.”

Photo 2 Fr. Bruce Nieli, CSP, with 1992 Texas Knight, at Clergy Appreciation Dinner, 7/27/21.

Photo 3 Moving Sale Banner

The Big Moving Sale – July 24th

The campus of St. Austin Catholic Church will soon undergo major demolition and new construction. To clear out more than 100 years of accumulated “stuff,” the church donated what it could and offered the rest for sale. For months beforehand, the husband and wife team of Martha and SK Larry Schroeder did most of the planning, organizing and directing the preparations for the sale. Other Council members provided a lot of the “muscle” needed for execution of the sale. Many additional parishioners helped make this event a success. The Sunday after the Big Sale, Martha Schroeder received the Lumen Gentium Award for her leadership and dedication to St. Austin’s Church.

Photo 4 Knights Ready For Customers

Knights ready for customers: L-R SK Larry Schroeder, GK Eric Nichols, Mike Debner, PGK Dennis Moraw, PGK Chris Campana, PGK Paul Lewis

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