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High Note

By Alfredo Vela, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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My Brother Knights:

First of all, we would like to thank His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal

DiNardo, all of our Bishops and all of our Priests throughout the State of Texas. During these hard times, they were there for our Spiritual nourishment and guidance. Their prayers and support are deeply appreciated.

We finished the 2020-2021 fraternal year on a high note. We re-established ourselves in the Supreme Circle of Honor. That accomplishment was due to all the hard work of the councils and all of the Brother Knights at the local level. And now, another fraternal year is upon us. The start of a fraternal year gives us the opportunity to re-establish our goals and gives us a chance for a new beginning. As part of the new beginning, we are publishing a combined State Directory and an abbreviated Star Guide, again. The complete Star Guide can be found at the Texas State Council website at tkofc.org

Our theme for the year will remain BE NOT AFRAID. The infamous words of St. John Paul II, “Be not afraid!” continues to ring even louder today. During this time of pandemic fear, social unrest, and in trying to achieve our council goals, let us not be afraid. Parish Priests continue to ask for help. The Catholic Church needs the Knights of Columbus now more than ever.

Take this opportunity to meet with your councils and set some realistic goals. As a council, one of those goals should be to achieve Star Council. We are publishing the appropriately named “Star Guide” to help you on your journey to success.

As we embark on your journey to success, Star Council, that journey will also help the Texas State Council achieve its goals. All successes at the state level are achieved because of the successes at the local council level. The Texas State Council’s goal are:

1. Membership Recruitment 4,600

2. New Council Development 10

3. Reactivations 20

4. Round Tables 200

5. Star Councils in Texas 175

6. All Councils Recruitment Active

7. Surpass 110,000 members by December 31, 2021.

8. Energize all councils through our Faith in Action Program model

9. Adopt every Seminarian in Texas

Vivat Jesus,
Alfredo Vela
State Deputy

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