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“Into the Breach”

By Ken Jones

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Into The Breach02

Council 7445, Richmond Texas, shared the “Into the Breach” video series with the whole parish of Sacred Heart.

It is quite difficult to get men to take the time to watch something that they do not immediately recognize as either fun or important. The title "Into the Breach" fits in the category of something that you do not recognize as something you need to look into right away.

As a result of heavy advertising, a substantial number of Knights did watch the series.

It was recognized that one way to get all Knights attention was to present it to the whole parish from the pulpit. Knights go to Mass and will take what Father says as important.

To make the task small enough that it would not seem too difficult or overwhelming, it was decided to put out only one new video a week and attach a limited number of reflection questions written by Brother Knights. The selected videos were put on the council website, kc7445.org/INTOTHEBREACH, as opposed to Supreme’s website, and were accessible from the parish web site as well.

Working with Fr. Joseph Ho and the parish office, publicity was developed including pulpit and bulletin announcements prior to the launch of the project.

On the weekend it was presented to the parish, the 2-minute Trailer was shown followed by a forceful 2-minute talk. Applause erupted following the talk. This was done at all four Masses. Knights were stationed at each door of the church passing out flyers

Since then, an after-Mass reminder announcement about the next video has been made every week. Reminder emails about the video have been sent to the council members each week. There are also weekly parish bulletin announcements, pamphlets and posters in the parish church.

In the future, the parish Faith Formation department plans to organize a summer weekend retreat for all the male teens of the parish using these videos.

The Richmond council strongly recommends all the councils to promote this series of talks to the men of their parishes, with private reflection or group discussions, to rouse them to stand up to their potentials as Christian men in this difficult, degenerating, demoralizing world.

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