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Let’s get it done! No excuses!

By Reed A Fontenot, III, PGK, FDD,T exas State Director Star Council Awards

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Brother Knights,

Welcome to the new year! We had great success this past Fraternal Year coming out of the pandemic, but it is now time to set our sights on 2021-22! To earn Star Council means you are doing everything right. Membership, Programs, Fraternal Benefit Nights, Supreme per Capita, Safe Environment and needed forms must all be done to qualify. In these first three months let us focus on the following four things:

  • Ensure your Form 185 (Report of Officers Chosen) is submitted with a copy to the State office (due July 1, 2021)
  • Ensure your Form 365 (Program Personnel) is submitted with a copy to the State office (due August 1, 2021)
  • Complete all Safe Environment requirements by the end of September. The training only takes about 2.5 hours but cannot begin until the previous forms (185, 365) are sent to Supreme. Our vendor, Presidium, will send each Grand Night and Council Director a unique username and password. The Grand Knight is the only one who can hold one other role if needed, so three men are required this year. The following positions must be trained:
    • Grand Knight
    • Program Director
    • Family Director (needs to consent to a background check)
    • Community Director (needs to consent to a background check)
  • Submit your Supreme per capita payments due October 1, 2021

Everyone is on the membership recruiting committee so get started fast as this is an important part of earning Star Council.

Our Star Council Awards team, the State Officers and Major Directors are a resource to help you be successful.

Let’s get it done! No excuses!

Vivat Jesus!

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