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Silver Rose Presentation

By Larry F Loftus – Financial Secretary- Council 10930

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Fr. Emil Gerlich Council 10930 hosted the presentation of the Silver Rose at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Fort Worth on June 13, 2021.The Silver Rose was transported from Good Shepherd Catholic Church to St. Thomas the Apostle by the Knights on Bikes.Several members of the Knight on Bikes are members of Council 10930. The Silver Rose arrived at 11AM and was available for parishioners for viewing after the 10AM Mass. Those who had never seen the Silver Rose were very impressed and asked many questions. The Silver Rose was presented to the Holy Family at the noon Mass at St. Thomas.The Silver Rose was also present for the 7PM Rosary of Fatima.All parishioners were invited to attend.

The Silver Rose originated in a Knights council in Monterrey, Mexico in the 1960’s. It honors the Virgin de Guadalupe and signifies our commitment to the sanctity of life. Every year the Rose makes its pilgrimage from Canada, thru the United States, down to Mexico. It is typically transported by Knights on Bikes to show the unity between the 3 countries and the strength of our faith.

Council 10930 was very honored to be able to host the presentation of the Silver Rose in 2021.

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