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St. Vincent de Paul Council 13927

By Michael G. Whatley, Council Treasurer

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

20210613 084224 Wheelchair Weekend 1 Revised Submission

Pictured (from left, facing) are Brother Knights Mike Whatley and Mike Gregorio talking with donors at the St. Vincent de Paul Council 13927 Wheelchair Drive, June 12-12, 2021.

20210613 084236 Wheelchair Weekend 2 2

Pictured (from left) are SK John Jackson, SK Rocky Bannach, SK Ron Buettner and Brother Tony Brocato (seated) assisting at the St. Vincent de Paul Council 13927 Wheelchair Drive, June 12-13,2021.

St. Vincent de Paul Council 13927 in Austin, Texas held its inaugural Wheelchair Drive at its parish on the weekend of June 12-13, 2021, to benefit the American Wheelchair Mission.Through this effort, the Council raised $44,100, enough to provide the life-changing gift of mobility to 294 beneficiaries of this mission in its local community, statewide, throughout the nation and around the world.

The Knights of Columbus express our sincere thanks to our pastor and Council Chaplain, Fr. Ed Koharchik, for his tremendous support of this project, particularly for allowing pulpit talks and viewing of a short video at all the weekend Masses. Moreover, we are extremely grateful to the parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church for their overwhelming generosity in support of this mission.

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