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Texas is a Well-oiled Machine!

By Fr. Mark Salas, Associate State Chaplain

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Mark Salas

Texas is a well-oiled machine! We have started another fraternal year and will need to hit the ground running; we have the tools to succeed as a council and as a state. The pandemic showed how needed the various fraternal programs are to Knights of Columbus. They were our greatest recruiting tool, and draw in the church's best men to the Order. As one of the new members put it. “Father, I thought joining the Knights of Columbus would mean more work, meetings, and money. But it was like joining a support group that does what I already enjoy to doing: to grow in faith and service;” and that is just on the fraternal side of the Order. The Insurance really shined throughout the pandemic with its aid to those in need and all the policies that protected our members’ loved ones. Even many spouses and children were taken care of after co-vid struck their most venerable member. The Pandemic showed how fleeting life really is.

This incoming year as Texas opens up, we have the tools to again bring a large number of Knights, and reach pinnacle. We have more brothers to witness and live out Blessed Michael McGivney’s vision of a council at every parish with their pastor’s first call is to the Grand Knight of the local council. We also have new priest assignments. I hope their first call was from their Grand Knights to offer welcome, help, and support. Please do not lecture him on 'his' roles to the council or parish. We are in solidarity with him—not the other way around. A new priest means a new reality with a new vision. So, the Order calls on us to show a new means of solidarity and service.

We have great things for our councils, our members, and our parishes. Dear brothers: keep the ball rolling! Get together with your pastors to meet his priorities and then with your members to meet theirs. There are Faith in Action programs for everyone. Let’s keep Fr. McGivney’s vision in action: make good men holy and holy men saints!

Vivat Jesus

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