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We Focus on the New Fraternal Year 2022

By Boyd Burris, State Warden

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Boyd Burris

Another fraternal year is behind us, and now, we focus on fraternal year 2022.Thanks to the leadership of Membership Director Ron Alonso Texas made The Circle Pinnacle Level.Now, all we have to do is do it again.Do it again as well as achieving our State Charity Goal, get all of the necessary form submitted, participating in the suggested programs, and stay current with State and Supreme per capita.In short, achieve Star Council!

We need to get serious about State Charities.Last year seven Dioceses made their goal, eight didn’t.Remember that 70% of the funds raised by the Dioceses goes directly to our Bishop’s designated charity.Let’s get away from the excuse a Council doesn’t participate in State Charitie is because they support local charities.Every Council in the State supports their local functions and most still participate in State Charities.Councils need to get away from a men’s club position and join the rest of the Councils in the State and support our Bishops.

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