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Wounded Warrior Benefit

By Deacon Don Murrile, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The Knights of Columbus Councils of Needville, Richmond and Rosenberg Texas held a fund raiser for Wounded Warrior Dillion Cannon. The funds will be used to make Spc. Cannon home wheelchair accessible. Pictured above with proceeds from the fund raiser are Needville 706 7’s PGK Wayne Marsalia, GK Tootie Kramer, PGK and event Chairman Tom Stavinoha and DGK Richard Mills.

Five KC Councils joined forces in May, 2021 to raise funds for Wounded Warrior U.S. Army Specialist (RET.) Dillon Cannon. The joint KC Councils of St. Michaels Council, 7067, Needville, Texas; Bishop Claude DuBuis Council, 7445, Richmond, Texas; St. John Fisher, 12632, Richmond, Texas; Fort Bend Council, 2801, Rosenberg, Texas and Our Lady of Guadalupe Council, 13151, Rosenberg, Texas joined forces to raise funds for Spc. Cannon. The fund raiser was hosted by the Columbus Club in Needville, Texas.A total of $6,285 was raised and contributed to Spc. Cannon.

In the fall of 2005, U.S. Army Specialist Dillon Cannon was deployed to a base in Baqubah, Iraq. While on an escort mission, he and his team received word about a possible roadside bomb. The team was ordered to stop and provide security in the area until the bomb disposal unit arrived. Dillon, a turret gunner during this mission, was responsible for conducting security operations in the Humvee. While in his turret observing his surroundings, he was struck by a sniper's bullet through his neck causing immediate paralysis and the beginning of a new chapter in his life as a soldier.

Today, Dillon is paralyzed from below the chest, but does have arm and limited hand movement. He now suffers from tetraplegia, a type of paralysis that causes partial or total loss of use of all limbs and torso.

Funds generated will allow an automatic front door for his home and sliding interior doors to be installed. Additional work includes the repair of a refrigerator, remodeling of cabinets and relocation of an oven. Also there are plans to complete rebuild work on his back porch deck that was destroyed by a high winds a few months ago. Council 2801 is responsible for the work being accomplished in Spc. Cannon’s home.

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