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Dollar Club for Local Seminarians

By SK Eloy J. Uresti, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Bishop Gary

Father Virgilius Draessel Assembly 3439 Charity Project

Sept 12 2021- 10:00 am Mass celebrated by Bishop Gary Janak- L-R, -Assembly 3439, St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek, Spring Branch, Texas, Faithfull Navigator SK Tom Rosol, Bishop Gary Janak, Episcopal Vicar for Vocations & Priestly Formation, Reverend Francis McHugh, and SK Ron Janak presents a check for $7436.00 from two weekend donations from our parishioners during the 2021 year. This check goes directly to the Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund, San Antonio Texas. The funds are collected twice a year through the “Dollar Club” for San Antonio Archdiocese Seminarian vocations. One dollar a month is always appreciated by our seminarians. Since 2016 the total amount collected from parishioner’s is 48K dollars. If your Assembly would like information on how to begin a “Dollar Club” in your parish for your local seminarian’s contact SK Ron Janak, Ron.Janak@gmail.com.

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