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By Rev. Mark N. P. Salas, Associate State Chaplain

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Mark Salas

Brother Knights of Texas, Greetings from New Haven! How wonderful to celebrate Mass and venerate the tomb of our Founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney. I have offered Mass for the intentions of our Worthy State Deputy and all brother Knights of Texas. Thank you for growing the Order and for being the example of what a Texas KofC is. The other day I was on the freeway and got boxed in by two semi-trucks that didn’t let me pass. Looking up to my rear-view mirror, I see KofC License plates.

Then the brother Knight starts tailing me and honking with gestures, he is going to have to go to confession or purgatory over. When the semi’s finally let me pas, the brother Knight passes me on the left shoulder and continues his gesticulations and verbalizations. I am so glad I am a brother Knight who knows what the Order stands for and that one Knight can sway the image of our Brotherhood! You all are the reason we grow, strengthen, and succeed. Keep attracting amazing men who will drown out the actions of a wayward brother. Vivat Jesus!

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