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In Memoriam

By SK, MN, RN Joel Clemente, St. Gabriel the Archangel Council 12153

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

In loving memory of our brother knight SK Larry Sedatole who were born to Eternal Life last September 26, 2021, we the Knights of Columbus of St. Gabriel the Archangel Council 12153 in McKinney, TX conducted the following activity in his honor;

The first one was last October 14, 2021 at our St. Gabriel church at 7:00 pm were we conducted a Holy Rosary prayer, followed by a necrological services where brother Larry's family, friends and our very own brother Knights shared their memory about him, his life and legacy.

The second was the following day October 15, 2021 at 11:00 am where our pastor the Reverend Father Don Zeiler, officiated the Funeral Mass for brother Larry. The said mass was well-attended not only we the fellow brother knights of SK Larry, but also his family, several parishioners and people who known him through the years. It was truly brother Larry's celebration of life as we ponder, remember, reflect, and pray for him and his family

Moreover, Father Don in his homily remembered brother Larry as a man for others, a man on a mission, and a disciple of Christ. He further stated that brother Larry's death finds meaning in Jesus death, and in Him he receives the promise of eternal life.

In parting, we his fellow brother Knights will missed him. He is truly a warrior, a fighter, a good father to his children, a loving husband to his wife, and a soldier who fight for the sovereinty of our country. Together, we say thank you for being our hero, friend and brother in Christ SK Larry.

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