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Knights of Columbus Council 7736

By SK Jack Schooley GK 7736

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

On October 17, 2021, St. Jude's Catholic Church in Mansfield, TX , hosted an investure mass for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. This was for the installation of 100 new members, Knights and Dames, of the order in Region 10. The Knights of Columbus Council#7736 at St. Jude's were asked to assist with the event by performing certain tasks before and after the mass. We assisted both the current Knights and Dames and the investee's (candidates) before the mass and made sure they were able to do a dress rehearsal in our activities center before the mass. There were 15 Bishops and Cardinal Dinardo who celebrated the mass and a large number of priests from Region 10 which is Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and under the Southwestern Lieutenancy of the United States.

Mass attendance was roughly 800 including religious. There were many Knights that were members already and some investee's that are members of the Knights of Columbus as well. Two noteworthy members were PSD Ron Gay and Lou Barbour who was retired from Supreme.

The Guardians from the FT. Worth Diocese were providing armed security and most were members of the Knights of Columbus. We stood guard and assisted the members and religious including picking up the Bishops from the airport and hotels that were in need. It was a great honor.

Vivat Jesus

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