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Painting Commission

By Roy R. Sanchez Financial Secretary/PR, SPDJM Council 17449

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Raul Berzosa

After 2 months of selling raffle tickets by council members not only to family but also to the parish community after each Saturday and Sunday Masses, the Knights of Council 17449, San Pedro De Jesus Maldonado handed Father German Alzate a check for $4000 dollars for the commissioning of a painting of the Church's patron Saint, "San Pedro De Jesus Maldonado".

The painting will be painted by the famous artist "Raul Berzosa" from Malaga Spain. Mr. Berzosa is one of the best know contemporary artist in the world of religious art. The Spanish artist's talent is evident in dozens of his paintings, found in Colombia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Guatemala and the Vatican, Both Pope Francis and Benedict XVI have shown an appreciation for his art.

After completion of the painting it will be placed in the new Parish Church not only for the El Paso community to see but for the whole world to come and see.

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