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Prince of Peace Council 11716 Tampico, Mexico Wheelchair Distribution

By Bill Weber, State Wheelchair Chairman

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Father Michael Blessing Girl

Pictured is a girl receiving a blessing from Father Michael Forge during the distribution of wheelchairs at the CRIT Center.

In October, Prince of Peace Council 11716 in Plano provided 380 wheelchairs (280 standard wheelchairs and 100 specialty wheelchairs) for the Tamaulipas CRIT Center in Tampico, Mexico. The specialty wheelchairs averaged $600 each and were designed for the specific needs of children.

Prince of Peace Pastor Father Michael Forge, Alfredo Gamboa, Jim Langford, Lorraine Leyendecker, Debbie Muro, Dan Stoffel, Peter Tan, Charlie and Liz Tusa, Bill and Elaine Weber and Steve and Kathleen Welsh traveled to Tampico to help distribute some of those wheelchairs.While in Tampico, about 60 wheelchairs were distributed at the Tamaulipas CRIT Center and 4 home deliveries of wheelchairs were made.Families told us that had been praying for a wheelchair and their prayers had been answered.The hugs, smiles and tears of joy from the recipients and their families translate the same in any language.

When asked about his first Wheelchair Distribution Trip experience, here is what Father Michael shared: “First and foremost, there’s no adequate way to describe the look of gratitude in the eyes of the wheelchair recipient and most especially in the eyes of the parent caregiver. Receiving the wheelchair is vital to the growth and development of the child, but more importantly, receiving the wheelchair is an affirmation that this child is loved by others and certainly is loved by God!…The highlight for me was blessing each child after they were placed in their new wheelchair.While the child didn’t understand the significance of the blessing, the parents did. This is when I witnessed the look of appreciation and gratitude in their eyes. …Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the annual wheelchair drive.I have seen with my own eyes and felt with my own heart the direct benefits of this most worthy missionary work.”

Council 11716 raised $138,186 from their Wheelchair Drive in February to provide these 380 wheelchairs for the Tamaulipas CRIT Center, and for repair tools for their Wheelchair Repair Shop.They also provided 115 wheelchairs to distribute locally as needed, and with the approximately $15,500 left over, helped provide repair tools and a large container of wheelchairs for the Chiapas CRIT Center.

The CRIT Tamaulipas Wheelchair Distribution and the Tamaulipas Mexico Home Deliveries photo galleries from the 2021 Tampico, Mexico Wheelchair Distribution can be found at: photoknight.net/event/21-tampico

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