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Shield a Badge

By Pat Henz, State Program Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Support for our Law Enforcement and First Responders continues to be so important. This includes our Boarder Patrol Agents. Sadly, COVID has taken many of our Officers as they get exposed while protecting their communities. Whether it is Deputy Constable Kareem Atkins from Harris County Constable’s office who was ambushed and killed to Sergeant Michael David Dunn with the Amarillo Police Department who died from Covid, losing an officer hurts the department and the community. Texas has lost 49 officers in the line of duty so far this fraternal year.

I ask that you continue to pray for your local officers. You can do this by starting a Shield a Badge program at your council. The Shield a Badge program is designed to show local Law Enforcement Officers support through daily prayer. A prayer sponsor adopts an officer and prays every day for that Officer’s Safety, Good Judgment, and a Safe Return Home.

I am so proud that the Knights have embraced this program and are showing their support to all the police officers across this great State. There have been well over 100 councils across Texas who has started a Shield a Badge program in their community. Just in the past few months, councils have hosted Blue Masses, Prayer Vigils, Special Blessings, handed out St. Michael medals, and conducted cookouts just to name a few ways they are showing their support.

Consider starting a Shield a Badge program at your council. For more information, please contact Pat Henz at pghenz@yahoo.com

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