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St Joseph- Honey Creek Assembly 3439 Conducts Annual Veterans Day Ceremony

By Ron Janak, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Fr Virgilius Draessel Assembly 3439, St Joseph-Honey Creek, conducted its annual Veterans Day Ceremony on Sunday, 7Nov, with about 75 parishioners and families attending, recognizing and honoring present and deceased veterans.The ceremony started with the Pledge, and singing of God Bless America, and the opening prayer by Pastor Fr Francis McHugh. There were readings by veterans, a Blessing of the gravesites in the church cemetery, a Recognition of Veterans present by conflict and their spouses, and a singing of the Armed Forces Medley. After the closing prayer by Msgr Peter Flood, the ceremony ended with I’m Proud to Be An American.Earlier in the week, several Knights placed flags at the graves of 53 veterans that lay in the church cemetery.

It is under the KC Order’s patriotic principle that we recognize and remember the sacrifices of those men and women who served and fought, and bravely answered the call to defend our freedom and our way of life. In the words of an attending Veteran Knight, “ We owe it to them to ensure that their service and sacrifice is always remembered.” In the closing, the audience was challenged to find a Veteran, extend their hand, and say those words they never ask to hear, but deserve to hear every day; and thank them for taking time out of their own life, to do something for someone they never met, and their country.

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