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The Purpose of Purposeless Things

By Jock Michael Flores, Council #11599

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Do not despair. These strange days we find ourselves in will end and life will return to normal or our eternal life awaits. That is our reality. What I mean by this is that we should not worry about the present but more over what is presented to us in the eternal. This morning I read a quote from Venerable Fulton Sheen, (if you have not read or watched any of his programs; I urge you to become acquainted with his logic and insight.) His quote did not jump out at me as bolt of revelation as quotes often will. Yet, I pondered the words for a few moments and this quote today was destined for at least these times we find ourselves in.

We are encumbered with political, religious and economic strife approaching two years now. We have waited patiently for our reward of normalcy. Yet, it eludes us, as we elude Christ when we bow down to the world’s values and wallow in our own shortcomings. We are collectively waiting on the return to our former way of life by participating in the purposeful drive of our professions, our domestic responsibilities to our families and other satellite obligations that erode those precious finite minutes within twenty four hours of every day. Perhaps, a more convenient way of saying this would be, ‘we keep ourselves busy to pass the time and if we pretend not to notice, normal life will appear again like a cheap magicians puff of smoke and done!‘

Are you purposeless? God has a purpose for all of us and his grand plan will be revealed and our purpose will truly be known one day for each of us. But if every purpose is a service to an endpoint, then does every endpoint have a purpose? I believe so, nothing can be purposeless. I do not disagree with Fulton Sheen’s quote, however, I wish to expand on it. He stated, “Work has a purpose, play has none, but there must be time in life for purposeless things.” If we go back to our childhood as young boys, what purposeless thing brought you joy? I remember a drainage ditch by my house and catching tadpoles, frogs and minnows with my friends. There was no purpose in those times just a joy of being.

Can you recall something in your past that is repeatable, say throwing the baseball around with your father and you can now do with your son or daughter or grandson or granddaughter? Perhaps it was just walking through the countryside with no noise or distractions. Is there something you find now that seems just as purposeless but brings you joy? I invite you to find that purposeless purpose and instead of placing the tadpoles back in the water, the glove on the shelf or the walking shoes in the mud room, I humbly request you offer that purposeless event, that moment of joy or suffering the ultimate purpose. Offer it up to our Lord on the Holy Cross or for the Holy Souls in Purgatory or for any intention you may need. Is there anything more sublime than offering the smallest things in our life to the ultimate purpose of his sacrifice?

“¡Viva Cristo Rey!”

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