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The Silver Rose and a "Living Rosary"

By Rev. Paul Chovanec, St. Justin Martyr Parish

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Council 8293, St. Justin Martyr Parish, Houston, TX, hosted the Silver Rose on Wednesday, Sept.. 22, 2021. Silver Rose chairman SK James Hatcher brought the Rose to GK Joshua Alderete before the 7 p.m. Rosary. At the beginning, a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima was crowned, and the Silver Rose was enshrined at the base of the statue. In a “Living Rosary,” one person represents each bead of the rosary and leads the first part of the Hail Mary or the Our Father in proper sequence. (Five parish groups were invited to staff the decades of the rosary.) After leading the prayer, each person lit a taper, and, candle by candle, the light slowly formed the whole circle of the rosary, which glowed nicely in the subdued lighting of the parish hall. Pastor and Council Chaplain, Rev. Paul Chovanec, announced the Glorious Mysteries.

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