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Another Successful Pro-Life Baby Shower

By Randy Munoz, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Thanks from the Knights of Columbus For Another Successful Pro-Life Baby Shower

The Knights of Columbus 15174 would like to thank Holy Spirit parishioners for contributing items required by babies and toddlers, making the 2021 Pro-Life Baby Shower a complete success.

For the third year the Knights supported the Building Blocks Ministry of Living Alternatives in Tyler, Texas, which offers practical help to young parents that encourages and renews hope for the future during and after periods of unplanned pregnancies. It is a unique earn-while-you-learn program where young moms and dads earn points for going to doctor appointments, attending parenting classes, and meeting with parenting mentors. Baby items are not given to the individuals; they must purchase the items with accumulated points. The Building Blocks Ministry also provides free pregnancy testing and free sonograms.

This year items totaling over $3,000 in value were collected by the Knights which were donated to Building Blocks Ministry.

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