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By Ron Alonzo, State Membership Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


One way or the other you’re going to finish…so, why not finish strong!

As we near the end of this fraternal year, we can’t let up, we have several goals within our grasps.

There are several councils that can achieve Star Council Award; however, it all starts with membership. It’s not too late to schedule that Church Drive/Recruitment Drive and get those new members to an exemplification.

Texas has recruited 3,797 families into the order this fraternal year and we just need 91 to achieve 100% of our goal and return Texas back to the Circle of Honor. Let’s get it done in the month of May 2022.

Achieving the COH goal in May, will allow us the entire month of June to go Back-to-Back Pinnacle award. So, don’t quit, don’t hold back, continue all the way through the finish line.

Let’s keep that TEXAS TRAIN ROLLING.

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