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One Month to Go!

By Alfredo Vela, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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My Brother Knights,

We have a little over one month until the end of the fraternal year.We still have some time to achieve our goals.

COUNCILS—Worthy Grand Knights and Council Officers, make achieving Star Council status one of your goals for this fraternal year in the time we have left.What do we have to do, you ask?

  • Membership—meet your membership quota for the year.
  • Fraternal Benefit Nights—every council needs to promote 2 fraternal benefit nights for the year.Get together with your Field Agent on how to achieve this.You can also plug into the statewide FBN put on by our team of General Agents.
  • SAFE Environment Training—your council should be SAFE Environment compliant.Make sure your council get this training.
  • Forms—make sure your required forms are turned in.We need to submit the 365, 1728 and SP7 to Supreme.The deadline for this is June 30th, but, don’t wait until then.Turn them in ASAP.
  • Supreme Per Capita—your Supreme Per Capita must be paid up.

Worthy Council Officers, if you have any questions, consult your District Deputy and/or your Diocesan Deputy.They are there to help you succeed.

District Deputies—your goal should be to attain Star District status.What does the entail?

  • Meet 70% of your membership quota
  • All your councils meet their FBN requirement.
  • Have at least one Star Council in your District.

Again, we have one month left in this fraternal year.One month is ample time to finalize and achieve your goals.Shoot for and attain Star Council or Star District status.It can be done, just make your mind up and Shoot for the Stars.Let’s Get it Done, NO EXCUSES.

Vivat Jesus

Alfredo Vela

Texas State Deputy.

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