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Charity is the first and foremost principle of the Order

By Reed Fontenot, State Charity Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Reed Fontenot

Charity is the first and foremost principle of the Order.Our Bishops need us to meet and exceed our State Charity goals!70% of the funds you send to the State Office go directly back to the Bishop in each Diocese for their charity of choice.Once the Diocese exceeds 100% of goal then 100% of the additional funds go back to the Bishop!With nearly 20,000 Knights moving into the affiliate program, our assessments are substantially lower so we need every council to participate.Let’s ensure that we minimize the drop in contributions for our Bishops.

Statements will be sent out to all councils at the end of July.We are asking that you PLAN your budgets to include the full amount to be paid before December!You will earn the Quick Start Award for this!

The American Wheelchair Foundation is the First Lady’s charity of choice!Each wheelchair you purchase for $150 positively affects up to 10 other family members.Plan your Wheelchair Sunday Drives and / or collect donations from your members!Contact Bill Weber at 214-405-8023.

Do you have your Knights of Columbus License Plate yet?For a mere $30 extra per year you can proudly display your Texas ‘K of C’ License Plate which contains the words “One Nation Under God”.$22 of these funds come back to the state to help Retired Priests in each Diocese!If you already have one, then purchase one for your wife and children as well!Contact Kirby Farek at 361-772-0054.Any Texas DMV can process this specialty plate for you!

Do you have a retiring Priest or another dignitary your council wishes to recognize?Why not honor them as a Cardinal Medeiros Fellow for $1000?They would be presented a distinguished plaque.The interest from this Trust funds the educational grants for our Catholic youth in Texas.Call Joe Rodriguez at 210-464-8468.

Reed Fontenot

State Charities Director



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