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Wheelchair Mission Update

By Texas Wheelchair Chairman Bill Weber

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Richard J Marek

Below are Wheelchair Mission activities, which I am aware of, since the last article in August. Please let me know what your councils and dioceses are doing to support the American Wheelchair Mission so I can include your stories in future updates.

In September, Santa Maria Council #6065 at St. Mark the Evangelist in Plano held their 5th Annual Wheelchair Sunday and raised $28,850 for 192 wheelchairs. Their funds will go towards providing wheelchairs for the Oaxaca CRIT Center in Mexico. Thanks to Brother Charlie Minjares for leading this effort all 5 years.

In October, St. Padre Pio Council #13704 in San Antonio held their first ever Wheelchair Sunday and raised $27,241 for 181 wheelchairs. Thank you so much to Nick and Dianne Monje for coordinating the event.

Our Lady of Angels Council #13044 in Allen held their 5th Wheelchair Sunday and so far has raised $12,495 for 83 wheelchairs with another weekend of their drive remaining. Their funds will go towards providing wheelchairs for the Occidente CRIT Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. Many thanks to Brother Brad Meyer for coordinating the event for the fifth year in a row and for helping and reading the pulpit talk at all the masses. Thanks also to his daughter, Morgan, for assisting him read the pulpit talk.

As of October 31st, the donations received are $143,578 for 957 wheelchairs. Thank you very much. At this time last year the donations were at $100,445. Shown below are the Totals by Diocese.

The American Wheelchair Mission is the First Lady’s charity this fraternal year. The goal is to increase the donations from each Diocese by holding more Wheelchair Sundays and by every Council participating in the Wheelchair Program by donating at least $150 for one wheelchair. No Diocese in Texas has ever had all their Councils participate in a fraternal year.

Please mail checks and donation forms to Dan Moberg, American Wheelchair Mission, 2600 E. Seltice Way, Suite A172, Post Falls, ID 83854-7991. Also, please be sure your Council Number and Diocese are on your checks so that your donation will be properly credited. Please go to amwheelchair.org/donate for online donations.

Currently, there is wheelchair inventory in Austin, Fort Worth, Plano and San Antonio and a large container ordered for Galveston/Houston. Due to shipping costs, the American Wheelchair Mission is only shipping large containers of 280 that cost $42,000 each. If your Diocese would like to have their own wheelchair inventory, they can combine their funds with other Dioceses and then divide up the wheelchairs once they are delivered to a specified location.

Please contact Texas Wheelchair Chairman Bill Weber at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or 214-405-8023 or Assistant Wheelchair Chairman Brian Nelson at abn091951@gmail.com or 210-275-7921 if you have any questions about the Wheelchair Program, need any help conducting a Wheelchair Sunday or need any wheelchairs. They will be glad to talk to your Pastor or Council about the program and address any questions or concerns they might have.

Pictured: Richard J. Marek, PGK St. Bernard Council #2500 in East Bernard

Wheelchair Mission

Texas by Diocese


Funds received as of October 31,2022









Corpus Christi




El Paso


Fort Worth








San Angelo


San Antonio








Top 5 Councils in State of Texas

1. St. Mark the Evangelist #6065 (Plano)


2. Padre Pio #13704 (San Antonio)


3. Bishop Odin #2917 (Houston)


4. Christ the King #3008 (Lubbock)


5. St. Laurence #11343 (Sugar Land)


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