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By David Pels State Advocate, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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Recently, some of our Brother Knights here in Texas have received e-mails from CitizenGO and Personhood Alliance inviting them to join in protesting the sale of the so-called “abortion pill” at Walgreens and CVS pharmacies. Some of these Brother Knights have then suggested that their councils or assemblies join in this effort as part of the Order’s pro-life effort. Notwithstanding the good intentions of the organizers of these activities, Knights of Columbus councils and assemblies may not organize, promote, or participate in the proposed protests.

It is important to remember that Knights of Columbus is not an advocacy organization; we are primarily a charitable and fraternal organization. In appropriate circumstances, and following the lead of the Supreme Council, we will call upon our councils and assemblies to organize, promote, and participate in certain activities, such as the March for Life in Washington, Texas Rally for Life in Austin and similar events in state capitals around the country. However, protest, advocacy, and political activism are not our primary mission. As Knights of Columbus, we express our support for the pro-life cause in ways other than protest, such as the Order’s highly successful Ultrasound Program and its new and very popular ASAP (Aid and Support After Pregnancy) Program. We believe that these programs, which support new mothers and women in crisis pregnancies, are more consistent with the mission and identity of the Knights of Columbus.

Any member who wishes to engage in public activity on matters of political, social, or cultural significance, such as the proposed CitizenGO protest, may do so as an individual citizen, but not as a member of the Knights of Columbus, a representative of his council or assembly, or a spokesman for the Order as a whole. If a member chooses to engage in such activity, he may not wear or otherwise display insignia, banners, signs, placards, or other items identifying himself as a member of the Knights of Columbus.

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