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Council #1653 donates Book of the Gospels

By Lawrence (Lorenzo) V. Garcia District Deputy District #166 & Grand Knight Council #1653, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Book Of Gospels Picture

Pictured left to right (starting on the ground floor) are Brother Knights:

First row: Kenneth Taylor, Father Richard Gonzales, Deacon Santos Jones, Chancellor Sonny Diaz, Treasurer Victor G. Salazar

Second Row: Deputy Grand Knight Gary P. Besancon Jr., Rabb White, Hank A. Schoenherr, Domingo Castillo

Third Row: District Deputy Lawrence V. Garcia, Carlos A. Guerrero, Joe Constante, John Zimmer, Darrell Hesseltine

In the first days of the Church, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles appointed seven men of good repute to assist them in the daily ministry, that they might devote themselves more fully to prayer and preaching of the word. By ordination, by prayer and the laying on of hands, they entrusted to these chosen men the ministry of serving at table. These men we call Deacons.

Overtime the order of deacons was limited only to those men pursuing priesthood and the role of the deacon became a transitional role. On Sept. 29, 1964, the bishops at the Second Vatican Council approved the restoration of the Order of Deacons as a permanent Order.

Since that time, St. Joseph Catholic Church has been served by the following men: Deacon Rolando Salazar, Deacon Luis Trevino, Deacon Russell Duggins, Deacon Paul Matula, and Deacon Santos Jones.

These men and their families have given in sacrifice their time to serve us, the People of God, through teaching, preaching, celebrating baptisms, witnessing marriages, leading funeral rites, parish administration and countless acts of service and charity that often go unnoticed.

In memory of those Deacons who have faithfully served St. Joseph Catholic Church and have gone to meet the Lord, the Knight of Columbus Council #1653 gives this Book of the Gospels to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Memory of +Deacon Russell Duggins, + Deacon Rolando Salazar, and +Deacon Luis Trevino.

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